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Rain Drops

The rain
across my roof
and tiptoes
down my windows.

from its sleep
in the clouds,
now it lies
in the gutter,
to the sea.

To myself I am true. One body, one mind, many facets. Like a diamond, there are many sides to me. Like the ocean, I have many levels. Like the sky, there is no limit to how high my aspirations can soar. My soul, a body of emotions, Unified in me, myself, and I. 1996

Wistful moonlight falls on the sugary snow. Stars shine in glittering harmony above the world. Melencholy lilac shadows fall across the yards of the schizophrenic houses. Lights shine in incandescent dissemination in the bushes. This is Christmas in the suburbs. 1996

Individualism Please, don't let me get trapped in one of those cookie cutter-xerox copy worlds, where everything is 9 to 5 and button down suits with high heels and no fun. I want to live silver, blue, and purple moonlight and opals summertime and strawberry ice cream. Don't let me live boxed in a backyard in suburbia Or "Do as I say, not as I do". I want to float free like a cloud and be the master of my own destiny. Let me be inspired to create my own life, original and new. Let me achieve the impossible, and boldly go where no one has been before. 1996

shooting star bright comsic gem of light transient shining in its arc from heaven to earth the product of so many wishes living its fifteen minutes of fame as it slowly burns out fulfilling destiny 1995

pulse beats around me noise, city never sleeps smell of fresh air wafting over the park, diesel fumes, horns blare people rush toward morning coffee and work, deafening roar of subway trains all fill my mind, and the feel of the wind atop the Empire State Building at night. I fell in love with New York City. July 1998

sing a requiem for the unrequited, the passion imprisoned by silence the love unrealized the promise unspoken. say a eulogy for the love walking alone down a path meant for two as hope flies toward the dawn on gossamer wings of tears seal the tomb and close the door on a love unfulfilled silenced by hesitation held close to the shattered soul of one in torment. lock the door, bar it tight against love protect yourself, sing a requiem, and never forget. 1999

Grave Images What do you see when you look at me? A woman? A witch? Student, skeptic, dreamer? A hedonist, a sadist, a kind hearted soul or a cold hearted bitch? How do I see myself? Lately, it's been my inner child I see, looking out through my eyes. The little girl nobody wanted, the one who never had any friends, because she dared to be herself; a purple tulip in a field of red ones, the minor key to their mindless tune. She's the one that can stand amidst a crowd of friends and be so lonely she aches. Because she is still me, over a decade later, still waiting for my knight in shining armor to ride off into the sunset with. If I could only kill that hopeless romantic I'd be happy. 1999

The Song of the Vampire I hunt. I am more powerful than you can ever dream to be. I stalk you at night. I am the shadow that follows you, the sound in your closet, the voice in the back of your head. Love, compassion, unknown to me. I am the predator, you are my prey. The shadows embrace me, I am their lover. I am as old as time. I am eternity. I am your fear, and your deepest desire. The night is my kingdom, and I reign supreme. immortal, powerful, invincible. I hunt. 1995

When the world is calm and dark, the stars call to me. I am a child of the night. I skulk in the shadows, for the light might reveal my true nature. Breath in the stillness, pulse breaks the quiet, the night embraces me like a cocoon. Fog drifts through my mind. My lover awaits. 1996

Tilted Windmills Last night I dreamed I was Don Quixote, tilting windmills of love for a vision of perfection jacked up on a white marble pillar with a curly-cued top. And yet, as I beheld perfection, I strained to find a flas in the coldness there, and realized that this blinding harsh truth was not that which my heart craved at all. For in my driving shuffle to vanquish imaginary foes I realized what I valued much more was the sidekick who always held the world for me when I wanted to get off 1999

WITCHING HOUR darkness falls clouds roll in a storm hovers just beyond the horizon cool night winds caress my face as I stand in the middle of the world looking up at a sky stained pink from the glow of a thousand city lights there is power everywhere the rocks and trees radiate it it whirls in the clouds and dances with the wind I know it, I call it forth energy swirls around me life, death, together for one instant one breath of time one great tornado swirl spiral around me, into me, through me then gone and it is quiet the rain spills forth release is mine October 1997

From the first moment our paths crossed, you intregued me. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to you, as our relationship intensified, as our friendship ripened. I won't call it love at first sight, for truthfully, it was far from that, but somewhere along the line, at some unguarded moment lost to me, I fell for you. But words are imperfect symbols at best to describe the complexities of human emotion. It seems I cannot put a name on this jumbled confusion that fills my soul now. Perhaps someday you'll know my true heart, perhaps you'll even understand, but for now, these words have served their cathartic purpose, to restore order to my mind and peace to my heart, at least for the few hours I sleep, that, for now, is one refuge you have not invaded 1999

Mulder's Quest darkness falls charade begins life in the balance stillness quest. Is the truth out there? Belief in the unknown guarded shadows search the skies for answers search the heart for questions. Yes, it's out there. Believe. 1995

Thunderstorms- raw energy of sound and light, hypnotic drone of rain, move me in unusual ways, turning my thoughs to thoughts of you. Perhaps we were lovers in another life, long ago and far away in the days when magic filled the countryside. Perhaps it's not so crazy that storms fill me with such elemental passion, because perhaps you feel it too. Because if energy is not created or destroyed perhaps it's not really just sound and light, noise and water, but the last vestiges of all the great love affairs throughout the ages. And perhaps I'm not so crazy after all. 1999

Methodology Take one life weight it in the balance and find it wanting. Souls are capable of crimes of hate, crimes of passion, to err is human to forgive impossible. The whole damned human race races towards divinity in some perverted marathon, and they deny their dark selves, hiding the evil instead of embracing it, absorbing it, knowing their imperfections and accepting them. We only embrace the All when we are All ourselves. 1998

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